Summer 2002

The Scandinavia and Central Europe Vacation

Or: How to avoid mosquitoes and car thieves

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July 4 - August 6, 2002

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I had to promise to my boss never to do this again: ask for a 4+ week vacation. Granted, one week was unpaid, but I guess that doesn't matter in this big nation where people get almost as little vacation as the Japanese. But if you want to go camping in Norway and have to attend your cousin's wedding since you are already in the neighborhood, not to mention see your parents (and throw Mac OS X onto their iMac since you are at it), you may resort to begging for time off.

This is the true story of our 10,450km journey through Europe. You will find some 400 pictures from our trip on these pages. Go through the travelogue page by page, jump straight to a chapter, or click onto the map to get straight to a section.

My apologies for the poor picture quality which is snapshotty at best, but between lens, camer and pilot issues, they really aren't all that hot.

Voyage Home
Family Business
Off To Sweden
Off To Norway
Watch Your Wallet
Camping Like Gods In Norway
Desert Island
The Midnight... Clouds
Rain, Rainbows and Reindeer
Lost in Fog
Civilization Again
Where Is a Lake When You Need One
Calm Seas
Service Elevator
When The Rain Started

World Travelogues

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