July 9 - 10, 2002

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From my parents' village in the middle of the Alps it mere 900km to Prague, but thanks to unlimited speeds in Germany (at least in theory) the whole trip doesn't take all that long. We got there just around sunset, in time to go to the old town for a stroll and a good dinner.

The first evening we walked around a bit but didn't take all too many pictures since I left the tripod at our apartment. The next day we walked around quite an impressive amount, especially given that the temperature was around 35C with high humidity. At lunch and dinner I spent more money on drinks than food - I consumed about 2L of tonic water per meal, plus some in between. 

Every morning I was also relieved to see the car at its usual place, looks like this time it would not find a new home in Russia like when I visited two year ago. But that's a different story...

Old Town:
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City At Night:
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