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Nasty Copyright Notices?

img0006.jpg (106479 bytes)I started putting the copyright notice into my images when I saw some of my work being used at other web sites without my approval. Thus, pretty much all of my images (in the travelogues and in the old photo pages) have a copyright notice pasted into the bottom of the image. At times, this notice is ok, at other times it's location is really annoying and pretty much kills the whole image. Why is that so? Almost all older images were taken from PhotoCD, while newer ones come straight from the digital camera of my choice; then a batch script converts them to a JPG format. Pasting the copyright notice is the last step and happens fully automatically, regardless if the picture is worth it or not, or if it's at a "bad" place or not.

Can I purchase prints?

Yes, you can. Usually I give people the right to use a small version of my images for any non-commercial purposes, or for a fee even for commercial use. You can also order prints in various sizes. All prints are made on real matte photographic paper, printed on a color calibrated Frontier or LightJet printer which uses a laser to directly expose the photographic paper. This guarantees maximum durability without fading and a print quality that's superior to inkjet printers.

Print Pricing:

8x10" $25
8x12" $30
10x15" $50
16x20" $100
20x30" $200
40x60" $800
Add $10 plus actual FedEx shipping charge to order total. Allow 2 weeks turnaround. Not all pictures are available in the 20x30 or 40x60 size: it all depends on the camera with which they were taken - I will not sell prints of inferior quality. Images on 8x10 and 16x20 paper will be printed with a 5mm thin border around the shorter edge, and padded to fit on the longer edge, as shown above in the example with the eagle. This padding is necessary because the original image has an aspect ratio of 2:3, while the paper has an aspect ratio of 4:5. Custom print sizes above 16x20" are available upon request, with or without padding.

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