July 30, 2002

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020730-110431.jpg (202365 bytes)020730-110853.jpg (200803 bytes)Today the whole day was dedicated to a walk around Copenhagen, and of course the mandatory trip to the art museum. Our first target was the "Our Savior's Church" with its corkscrew style tower, which can be climbed for mere DKK 20 (US$3), but Essan would not go alone and there was nobody to pay me nearly enough to do this to myself. So we stayed at the inside, mainly in awe of the incredibly large organ. No, not that organ, that was later.

Soon we found ourselves at the art museum, which was very very big and presented large amounts of fun to Essan. For me it wasn't quite so bad either, because the new part of the museum presented quite nice modern architecture, something I could study and enjoy for hours.  

020730-111638.jpg (163906 bytes)020730-113600.jpg (129257 bytes)It may be interesting to note that the embassies of Turkey and Cyprus are in the same building in the old parts of town. The best spot for an embassy - right next to the Royal Palace - seems to be taken by the Swedish, next door to the Swiss, appropriately side by side so that the Americans who keep confusing them needn't be sent across town in case they visit the wrong one. "You are from Switzerland? Ah, Volvo!" -"No, chocolate."  

020730-114841.jpg (270001 bytes)020730-114052.jpg (184326 bytes)Another nice thing, and way too strange after 9 years in the USA, is the car-to-bike ratio. It seems like this city was built for bikers. They have designated roads (by no means just a narrow strip on the right side of the road, just to be squashed by the next oversize gas guzzling SUV, which we fortunately don't have here in the first place). Bikers are also very law obedient, meaning red lights are respected, which makes traffic very smooth. Should you be a tourist without a bike you can rent one at many places throughout town, and when you park the bike at one of these locations again (one-way rentals allowed) you get your money back. Such rental bikes aren't the best or prettiest, but hey, they are bikes.

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020730-195508.jpg (157527 bytes)020730-221650.jpg (177130 bytes)For dinner we went to a rather upscale restaurant right next to the Tivoli. Food was good (this time I skipped the US$ 15 soup), even if the fries should have been omitted, or the chef should take some classes at Burger King, just around the corner. What did somewhat lower my excitement was the $2 surcharge for paying with a credit card. I mean, you are in an upscale restaurant with $40 entrees, $5 Coke and $15 soups, and then you charge extra for paying with a credit card?  

020730-231459.jpg (170096 bytes)020730-223122.jpg (162656 bytes)After dinner we headed straight to the Museum Erotica, probably the only museum in town open until 23:00. This museum shows erotic stuff ranging from ancient paintings and pottery to rather modern exhibits of toys and playmates. Locally relevant exhibits, such as about relationships with Nazis during WW2 could be found next to articles about famous people's sex lives, including Charlie Chaplin (who seems to have preferred really young girls) to Adolf Nazi. The above promised picture of the longest ever measured organ was rather disturbing, since the number in centimeters doesn't quite convey the message that it did go, after all, to his knees.  

020730-233649.jpg (147866 bytes)020730-233500.jpg (164026 bytes)The only thing to be open after the Museum Erotica closes was the Tivoli, the world famous amusement park in the center of Copenhagen. The park looks very nice at night, and we spent the last Danish money on an ice cream; this was not too hard as prices for pretty much anything are astronomical inside the park; we found ourselves counting the last pennies, or ěre to get the minimum two balls. After enjoying the shrieks of people on various rides, some of them tame and some such that I would not go there in a million years, we got to see the closing light / smoke / laser show just before midnight, which happens on the park's lake, very much to the distress of the ducks who call it their home. Quack.

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