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Stan's Adventures in Scotland, 1996

or, why things don't always come the way we hoped

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The idea for a trip to Scotland was born years ago when I came to California, a land that it is hard to find something dryer. While people may like it, I don't, and so I wanted to go somewhere where I can use my rubber boots and Gore-Tex jacket.

This is a travelogue in 13 chapters describing my 14 days on the road; the chapters are short and full of illustrations, except for the first and last one. They are written the usual "Stan way," in case you happen to know what it means. You will find out which things went a different path than originally thought...

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Getting There
How I tried to find Charlotte
From Perth To Aberdeen
Aberdeen, Mossat, Inverness
Inverness to Wick
Stuck in Wick
Wick to Eriboll
Eriboll to Eriboll Loop
Eriboll, Ullapool, Lochinver
Stoer to Skye
Skye to Inverness
Loch Ness to Metz
Metz to Home

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