Dalby to Gayndah

or: meeting Melvin's friends

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NNimg0018.jpg (133077 bytes) Melvin is my pet spider. He's maybe 1ft long and bright red with a black head and yellow legs. No, he is not alive, unlike his relatives which I met today when I was taking pictures of interestingly colored soil; but he still manages to scare some female visitors. When I was walking to the point of interest, armed with two cameras, I felt a sudden resistance - I ran through a major spider web.

img0048.jpg (34328 bytes)As I started backing out, I saw the owner of the web - what a majestic presence: a spider maybe 10+ cm long. On the following 50 or so meters I had left to cross, I watched carefully for more webs - I don't want to make the spiders nervous, they are probably bad for my allergy, and I don't want to destroy their source of income either. When I finally arrived where I wanted to be, I was out of film in one camera and witnessed the end of a green grasshopper on a spider web.

NNimg0016.jpg (97716 bytes)img0030.jpg (85713 bytes)Speaking of allergies: I have only one, but a really big one. Watch what a mosquito bite can do to me, you will be amazed. After a rather successful day for flies and similar biting species, I switched back to sweatshirt and long pants; you really don't want to see my legs now, I have more than 50 bites on each - these bloody mosquito females. Reminds me sadly of Norway (but unlike there, I still fit into my shoes - there, it was 50 bites below the ankle alone). Ah, and since we are speaking of Europe again: a British jury has been jailed for contempt after it didn't find a verdict in 17 days...

img0032.jpg (63644 bytes)NNimg0019.jpg (197352 bytes)My today's trip heading north in Queensland was very interesting. The land is getting more and more green - yay, I really like that very much. Camping spots "in the wild" are getting harder to catch, though, as land tends to be claimed by small farmers with friendly fences and signs all around. Another thing are open supermarkets - while I am back to civilization, or what is called as such here in Australia - everything seems to close for Easter. Without a stove and (naturally) a fridge I am limited to foods which must be eaten relatively fresh - I hope that along the coast I will find open places of some kind, as I am not necessarily a person to visit restaurants. But they had really cheap Schweppes Tonic Water in Dalby, A$0.85 for 1.25L, which is about half the US and 1/10 Swiss price, so I am set for the weekend in this respect.

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