Gayndah to Yeppoon

or: calling back home

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img0038.jpg (126673 bytes) The morning awakening was not the last one for today, and surely not the worst. I enjoyed a full body shower the usual Stan style - from the water container - this time without pushing it over the fence. Eating lots of green peppers (tons of Vitamin C) I headed towards the coast. I visited the Cania Gorge, where I almost stepped on an opossum, well hidden in tall grass. The animal looked at me, smiled, and hopped away, before I could seriously point my lens at it (which happened to be a wide angle again).

NNimg0023.jpg (114076 bytes)In the afternoon I felt the need, or urge, to call home. Naturally my family had no idea where I was and I wanted to keep it that way for the moment being, so I had plenty of stories ready. I located a phone booth, which was not that easy, and even found out how to dial abroad (0011 prefix if you wondered). Since I was collecting all coins over the past week, I thought I should have plenty of ca$h on hands. WRONG! Here we come to Awakening #2, the bad style. All my coins in the $1 - $0.10 range miraculously disappeared within a few minutes in the phone slot, and trust me, I had many of them. Now I have an empty cup holder again and can start collecting just in case I need to phone again.

img0033.jpg (54441 bytes)NNimg0021.jpg (54125 bytes)When I arrived in Rockhampton I had to realize that the Aussies take it seriously with holidays: not a single store seemed to remain open over Easter. So I bought some (junk food list omitted) and apples and expect to live on that plus fast food for the four days to come. After this $20 shopping orgy I headed to the Pacific, as I wanted to get a first look at this beauty of a blue ocean. Unfortunately, somehow I thought myself back in the SF Bay when I saw a brown - something - from the first cliff. How does someone dive in this? Soon I recalled that Justin just came along and probably stirred up some dirt. So I went closer to the local harbor where I saw a beautiful catamaran. When taking pictures of it I was invited on board by the owners. She's an Aussie, he's Dutch, and they live on this 12-people boat, and make a living with taking people diving out in the BLUE. For A$125 per 24hrs per person, 5 people minimum, the boat is yours. I was shown every detail of the boat which they built themselves (market value A$600k) - really impressive. The last (and only) time I saw something similar was when I was on board of the Caesars Palace yacht on Lake Tahoe, Nevada. Since their customers for the coming 4 days were not around yet, I chatted with them and thanked for their hospitality with a few rolls of film which they forgot to buy. Should I be able to afford it one day, I sure would love to come on a trip!

Since it was already dark when I left their boat, I didn't really know where I was parked - we shall see at sunrise. I was told that the sea should be clearer more north - and more importantly, more east - so let's head north; east is kinda tough.

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