From Tinnenburra to Dalby

or: first clouds in 3 days

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img0027.jpg (33665 bytes) Today was one of these days I'd rather skip - almost exclusively driving. I wanted to get out of the Outback, which is not as simply done as said. It may not even take that long - just two days in my case - but it feels like eternity: the scenery changes little and more importantly, one is all alone. On today's record stretch of 680km (which I hope never to repeat again) I met maybe a total of 20 vehicles, including 10 road trains. You drive on a straight road with nothing spectacular going on nor anyone to talk to.

NNimg0012.jpg (111786 bytes)Speaking of road trains: only one of the mentioned 10 was of "Category 2", meaning really, really long, 50 meters that is. And it went the other way, so I did not capture it in picture. Even if, at 50m of length, how far would I have to stand to capture it with my 17mm? Do it as a homework, kids (for Americans: take three big trucks following each other at 1 ft distance, then you get a Category 2 road train. Or put less than two of them along a football field). I guess I was not far west enough to see more of them - they are not allowed near civilization.

NNimg0014.jpg (84740 bytes)img0029.jpg (47466 bytes)While heading east in the general direction of Brisbane I eventually saw the first clouds after three days of a super clean sky. According to the weather forecast I will soon see more clouds than I like, but that's ok for a change. Under these wonderful clouds I found a relatively fly-free spot in the state forest near Dalby for this night; while taking a shower I managed to push the water container over the fence an impressive two times, which both times (once with a soapy head) forced me to rush over the barbed wire before all the water disappeared in the ground.

img0028.jpg (40752 bytes)Today, Queensland won the Australian Cricket championship, the radio is full of it, way too full if you ask me; and Fargo did not get the Oscar for best picture, which is just too sad and once again shows the incompetence of the Academy.

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