Mackay to Yeppoon

or: scrubbing the deck

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NNimg0041.jpg (174568 bytes) Who would have thought the outcome of the day - but let's start in the morning; I hopelessly overslept the sunrise till 8am, but at least the mosquitoes were gone then and I could enjoy a morning shower. Heading south on the main highway (well, there is no other one) was rather uneventful and even trips to side roads didn't bring the expected spice into the day. This way it happened that I was in Yeppoon already at 3pm, where I visited the local beach and gathered some shells.

NNimg0002.jpg (69353 bytes)Then I remembered that I promised my boat friends a visit and so I drove to the harbor where I just saw them coming in from their 4-day trip with customers. I was told that they unexpectedly got some new customers for tomorrow and so they did not have too much time for hanging around but that they needed to go shopping for supplies and also clean the boat instead. Since they don't have a car and it's a big boat I offered my services as driver and junior sailor. This way I got hired for the following day; for chit-chatting with the 10 Japanese customers and for scrubbing the deck I would get a free trip. I would like to stress that I was invited and that I insisted on providing the scrubbing services as a part of the whole experience - I have never been on a boat like this, forget over night and a day, as a crew member on top of that.

The deck was soon cleanly scrubbed, a thunderstorm was helpful there, too, the groceries bought, and so I could take an amazingly refreshing hot shower and settle on this cozy Queen-size bed in the left body of the catamaran - or should I say, port?

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