Hunpy island, great Keppel

or: a day at sea

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NNimg0034.jpg (82184 bytes) The day started unusually with a breakfast - it must have been years since I had one. Then we went on with cleaning the boat, until the customers came. It was a group of 11 European - British and Belgian - tourists, so the information about Japanese was wrong. With 14 people the boat was full to its legal capacity and we headed straight to the island. We could not sail as we were heading straight into the wind. After about one hour the not-so-clean greenish coastal waters became crystal clear blue reefy kind, and everyone was happy.

NNimg0036.jpg (65880 bytes)As soon as we anchored everyone went snorkeling, and I used up one of my two disposable underwater cameras. Since I didn't plan on any kind of water activities, I had nothing better prepared and bought these (last) two Funsavers in the local Marina. And since I was the only one diving with my T-shirt on, I was among the few not to get a sunburn, and that although two of the guests were doctors and should know better. We also had a boat inspection from the local national park rangers, just to check whether all passengers were accounted for and a sufficient number of life vests were present.

img0058.jpg (68892 bytes)NNimg0035.jpg (62842 bytes)After wonderful lunch we headed to the Great Keppel island for some more snorkeling. When we arrived, however, I was the only one who actually went into the water; others were too tired or burned, and so they went on shore by using the little side boat. They sure missed out, as I quickly exposed all the shots in the second camera. Sadly, I picked the only leaking mask and snorkel, and so I suffered lots of salty water in all places where it was never intended to go.

img0059.jpg (55714 bytes)After a quiet sailing trip back to the harbor the guests left and I was kindly invited to stay over for another night. This also gave me the opportunity to take another extensive shower and more importantly to do laundry: my pants really needed it, but help came too late for most of my socks - not quite surprising after the outback treatment they have received.

Now while one day behind schedule, this was certainly worth it any time, and an experience I would recommend to anyone - I wish I could go on one of the longer cruises to the real reefs.

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