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NNimg0030.jpg (68361 bytes) I was sleeping right next to an extremely isolated boat landing, which didn't seem like a problem, until a bunch of men came at midnight and launched their boat, to return three hours later, both times with the typical joy in life. Other than that the night was peaceful and full of meteors and glowflies.

In the morning I enjoyed the strategic position of the rising sun to re-shoot one of my Qantas posters - the Townsville yacht harbor with the rock and the ugly hotel in the background. I don't quite remember its precise framing anymore, but I can say that with big probability the 767 was artificially put into the poster.

img0054.jpg (88528 bytes)The trip south to Mackay was not very spectacular as I have driven it 24hrs earlier the other way round and there are little possible variations to it. However, the sea has cleared out even more and so I could capture one or the other cheesy picture of the blue Barrier Reef. However, the radio was very interesting today: historians have almost certain evidence that the Dutch were the first settlers of Australia - involuntarily, after a shipwreck in Western Australia in the 17th century. They can show that these Dutch sailors then almost certainly intermixed with the native Aborigines, as their descendants have shown genetic traits of Dutch. Another news was particularly funny - a Malaysian man has uncovered a pornography ring that was illegally filming couples after he bought a porn movie and saw himself with his wife. What a small world...

img0052.jpg (87732 bytes)img0040.jpg (22654 bytes)After feeling the need, or urge, to get some real food today I went to a Chinese takeout place in Mackay tonight. The food was quite good although certainly not up to the standards I am used to (chili beef with cucumbers in it? boy!). And while settling down at my campsite for the night I got attacked by 357 mosquitoes simultaneously, which made me scream and run for the safety of the car. At least I can recharge Toto while writing this, and a few postcards (how atypical you may say now).

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