Zion, Bryce, and Yellowstone
Fall 1998

A somewhat unexpected three week trip to some of America's nicest corners

Last modified: November 25, 2004

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When I started to work for Apple in 1997, I accepted with the necessary calmness the fact that one gets only 2 weeks of vacation. After all, we are called "spoiled Europeans" if we wish for more. When I was told in May that there were "visa issues", I still naively hoped for some luck and expected some competence on the lawyer's side to resolve the issues. This way it came that on July 24, 1998, I went on open-ended "leave of absence". Don't get me started on this topic, though, as it makes my happiness level decrease.

Early in September I packed my tent plus camera equipment and loaded all of it into my new car. I worked out a plan how to visit some of the nicest places in the US - five weeks of "Nature, Camera, and Stan". The fact that five weeks turned into three was in a sense not surprising --  after all my other experiences in 1998, things just had to go wrong.

For your reading pleasure, here you can find the Fall 1998 travelogue. Please note that most of the images were taken with a borrowed Nikon CoolPix 900 camera, which I am not used to and, more importantly, which is of rather poor quality compared to PhotoCD images. In May 1999 I have also added some PhotoCD scans. They may look a bit too dark on your computer (i.e., PC) because they have been edited on a color calibrated workstation and chances are you are not using such a thing for viewing. To make things worse, the last chapter of the travelogue, Crater Lake, was lost into the Nirvana of bits and bytes. Still, I hope you find the first five short chapters at least borderline interesting!

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