October 8

Finally some fog

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The free breakfast at the motel disagreed with Essan, which once again goes to show that you get what you pay for. We headed north on US-1 along the coast, or as close to the coast as it gets, anyway: it's not as easy to get to the actual coast as it may seem from a casual glance at the map. The streak of "more of the same" was finally broken when we made a detour to South Addison and actually saw some fog rolling over the trees. We found a nice small fishing harbor, with just the right mood and weather. This is also the place for my mandatory daily rant: why does everything have to be fenced off? I don't mean someone's mansion or golf course. I don't even really complain about the Coast Guard yard. I mean simple fishing piers: are they afraid someone will steal their lobber traps? This is such an American thing; go travel anywhere in Europe or Australia and you will be able to get pretty much anywhere you want. I guess that's what you get from being able to sue anyone for anything, especially for common sense.

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Despite this difficult access, I have managed to get some pictures before the fog parted for good, and we headed further north. In Machias we stopped for lunch at Helen's restaurant, where Essan showed another sample of her skill to order the wrong dish (not that clams are ever a good choice in my book, fried or not). Good or not, with filled tummies we proceeded north where the trees were showing their full colorful splendor. It's really hard to capture the overwhelming colors on sensor; you really have to see it for yourself. But I tried my best, and thanks to my friend Ken who lent me his 24 TSE lens, and even let me flip it, for the first time ever I shifted and tilted in the same direction. Jonathan, I hope you are proud of me.

In the evening we landed in Lincoln, a small town with a few roads intersecting. We settled at the only motel in town, which has seen its prime when Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. When it came to food there were few options, too: Right next door was the Wing Wah Chinese restaurant, featuring quite an impressive store front, but Essan vetoed it, despite her hungry jitters starting. Further down the road was a pizza place, which I vetoed; so we ended up at the third restaurant in town, offering good old bad American food, with good old small town American ambience. For whatever it's worth, I like the ability to choose between food types and restaurants, which the Bay Area is really great at.

We concluded the day with the presidential debate #2, probably like many people in this country.

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