October 7

Acadia, in a way

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Did I mention that Maine is incredibly poorly labeled? You are trying to follow a road, religiously follow the signs, and suddenly find yourself in a mall or someone's driveway. Which can be fun, like last night when we hit a private boat launch when looking for a state park. I swear we didn't miss a sign. However, through this experience of probe and retreat I learned that the Taurus has a speed governor at 15mph when going backwards, and it's not a gentle cut-off. Go figure.

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You won't find any lakes in Maine. From a puddle to a city sized body of water, they are all Ponds. Where I grew up, a pond was something you could swim in - and actually swim across, without being Ian Thorpe. We stopped by an average sized pond bright and early in the morning, and put my new Really Right Stuff BH55 ball head with panoramic clamp to the test. It performed flawlessly, as expected, and I wish I had bought it earlier.

From our little pond we headed to the Acadia National Park. I have heard a lot of good things about it, but somehow we failed to find the truly unique, picturesque places. Don't get me wrong: it's all beautiful and wonderful, but not unique. As Essan said, this whole state looks like a postcard. Which is very similar to her assessment of Norway: that whole place looks like a national park. Either way, I agree; after a full exploring loop around Acadia we could not identify something spectacular for the limited time of good light. We left the park just around sunset, found a nice pond to enjoy the sunset at, and I ran out of battery and memory just when the light was gone. Perfect timing.

I Ellsworth we crashed at the Colonial and went to the restaurant next door for some lobber and good filet mignon. We watched Donald fire Pamela, deservedly so I may add, even though they lost just by ten bucks and the only thing they all are really good at is cat fighting.

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