Lamington NP to Casino, NSW

or: how to finally relax

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img0075.jpg (74113 bytes) Today I decided to be a plain lazy tourist for the rest of my time in Australia. So far, I have been trying to see as much as I could and to capture every little thing on film. From now on I will be relaxing and not worrying about anything - if people want to see pictures from this part of NSW they should go and buy a book or wait for my return in say 5 years. After all, relaxing is what I came here for, and so far I have not really done just that - stretch out for 3 consecutive hours, other than at night. Today's total of 30 exposures, all taken with my backup Elan-IIE and a cheapo lens, mark a record low of the trip, likely to be beat in the days to come. And it felt good.

img0078.jpg (83557 bytes)img0079.jpg (53280 bytes)After sleeping not far from the full campground in the surprising comfort of this giant car I smuggled myself into the campground at 6am and enjoyed the hot shower - this time without a time limit. The following drive down the tall mountain offered some very beautiful views, which I mostly quietly enjoyed for myself. Nobody was around at that time yet, and my radio is now really dead, including the tape deck. Slowly I proceeded south, filling up with the last "cheap" Queensland gasoline, soon going to NSW through the very dense forests of the Border Ranges NP, a maybe 60km gravel surface scenic road from where you rarely saw something, so thick was the subtropical forest.

img0080.jpg (52551 bytes)img0077.jpg (66875 bytes)img0076.jpg (81954 bytes)I spent several hours in the forest, reading Cradle and writing the occasional forgotten postcard. I should seriously write a letter to Clarke and Lee, asking whether they were nuts at times; this book is unlike most others of Clarke, and I am not so sure whether it's to be attributed to his age, to Lee, or to both.

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