June 16, 2001

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107-0772.jpg (62262 bytes)131-3179.jpg (91034 bytes)The drive from Helena to Glacier Nat'l Park is not the most spectacular thing, but the park makes up for it. We arrived early afternoon and after setting up the tent we went scouting for places and corresponding best light conditions. We hiked along streams and to waterfalls and saw quite some nice gorges, too. This place is full of waterfalls, which can be found in an "orderly" way, as in a stream that simply falls over a cliff, or in form of water simply trickling over a very long stretch of rock. Essan was in heaven - what can I say, chicks and waterfalls...

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131-3184.jpg (118253 bytes)131-3197.jpg (42450 bytes)Soon we got hungry and so we had to leave the park for the next supermarket. Hunger seemed to be really painful for Essan at this point as she entertained me with random creations of poetry and music; one could say that she was talking to me in form of a musical with rather interesting lyrics. I could not get to the supermarket early enough, and once we did we found that the attribute "super" was rather unworthy. From the extremely limited selection we picked a piece of beef and -- lacking the fresh kind -- canned veggies. 

131-3193.jpg (133870 bytes)131-3200.jpg (65431 bytes) One of my favorite quick meals is finely chopped pork with pepper and peas. Today beef had to do. For those of you who have not experienced this combo and may be interested, don't. The lesson from this experiment, if nothing else, should be "beef + peas = liver". When I was young and we were in a country where people are less spoiled than in the U.S., liver was served quite regularly and I grew to dislike it to such an extent that mom at times used it as a form of punishment. Once we came to Switzerland I was rescued from the liver treatment as this "low food" was hard to find, thankfully. Now I found it again, as a result of a chemical reaction or something, when combining beef and peas.

132-3289.jpg (65446 bytes)132-3294.jpg (85118 bytes)After this somewhat unfortunate dinner we went off to hike more and take some sunset pictures. After sunset we joined a couple of hardcore photographers taking pictures of the Wild Goose Island, waiting / hoping for the light to change, which it did not. So we retired and concluded the day by burning the 2nd box of Yellowstone wood, the one we never got to because of snow...

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