Bed, Bath, and Beyond

June 15, 2001

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131-3148.jpg (56145 bytes)131-3140.jpg (131298 bytes)131-3142.jpg (154781 bytes)The sun woke us up early and chilly air welcomed us to our last morning in Yellowstone. We packed our wet tent and damp sleeping bags and headed out of the park. In West Yellowstone we once again visited the Three Bears restaurant for breakfast and then leisurely headed towards Bozeman, where Pot had an appointment for his oil change.

107-0767.jpg (135473 bytes)131-3157.jpg (76519 bytes)107-0768.jpg (145077 bytes)Over the past 4 days in the Teton and Yellowstone parks Pot had accumulated quite a layer of mud, both inside and out. Anticipating that he would get a bath at the Audi dealer I briefly hosed him off so that the biggest rocks were gone, because we all know that a car wash can cause more harm than good if not done properly and if the car is very dirty. We also grabbed a quick lunch and handed Pot off at Dick Lewis' Audi dealership. On the whole trip we haven't seen as many Audis as in Bozeman alone, I guess a dealer in town is helpful. The VW / Audi / Subaru dealership itself was undergoing major construction. Once the service department was located we handed Pot over and made ourselves comfy in the waiting room, about the only spot in the whole place which was no occupied by constructions workers. About an hour later we got Pot back, with new oil and beautifully washed & vacuumed, debugged face and all - who knows how long it will last. One bath down, two more to go. About two hours later we enjoyed a shower ourselves, together with a nice tasty dinner in Helena. And we saw the Lakers beat the 6ers for the last time. Perfection was in arm's reach and was finally found in form of a warm, snow-free bed.

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