Bummy Day

June 17, 2001

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132-3295.jpg (79511 bytes)133-3301.jpg (174738 bytes)When we woke up Essan wasn't feeling all too well and so it became clear that this would be a short day, as she needed to be warm and relaxed. The previous evening I computed that the sun will shine into Essan's favorite Hidden Creek gorge at 10 in the morning (courtesy "Planetarium", the ultimate software for the Palm) we got there around 9:30, just to be safe. And indeed, at 10, the entire gorge was nicely lit, unfortunately too contrasty for getting a good picture. We also visited some other areas in the park as we drove towards the west. 

133-3326.jpg (81578 bytes)132-3279.jpg (88715 bytes) To diversify from just plain sight seeing, I was also trying to find out what it was that smelled like burning rubber, a smell that has infested the car since the service in Bozeman. Other than the general area from where the smell was coming I could not find the source, as the engine is so nicely encapsulated in plastic covers that a simple inspection is impossible. The only thing I found was four under inflated tires and one which was not wearing quite right, definitely not the source of the smell.

133-3339.jpg (81902 bytes)133-3345.jpg (143799 bytes)For lunch we stopped at a lodge in the park. I was very pleased with my pizza, which shows how deprived I was of even halfway decent food I was. We exited the park in the early afternoon and Essan got her warm bed in Kalispell, where I took care of the laundry which had accumulated over the past week. A steak dinner and some highly mediocre TV was a wonderful conclusion for this rather lazy and slowly paced day.

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