June 7

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For once I had a quiet room and could sleep in. All packed up I didn't wait for Hillary to show up on TV but rather went on a date with some trains. I like trains. Too bad the wind was still up and the sun was high, so there was not much photography to be had. Thanks to Sirius channel 134 I got to hear Hillary finally bow out, and in peace could go have lunch.

I had regrets about yesterday's lack of courage with my choice of food, and decided that I'll take this last opportunity and have an adventure in local Chinese cuisine. I kept Essan up to date via text messaging, and her reaction was "oh ick". Be it recorded that the mandatory hot & sour soup was very good even if a bit watery, however the rest of the usual buffet lunch was weird at best. First of all, no beef was anywhere to be found. This is Wyoming, folks! You're surrounded by cows. Use them. The Mongolian shicken was the most normal looking, and indeed wasn't all too terrible. The rest looked sketchy at best. Maybe it wasn't the smartest move to have experimental spicy Chinese food in the middle of nowhere before driving for hours. In their defense it should also be noted that the restroom at New Great Wall is very clean and well stocked with supplies.

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With no further detours I returned the car in Denver and ended up at the airport more than three hours early. Time for some more classic gourmet airport food, and then watching some educational videos by the gate. The new Denver airport is indeed a beautiful piece of architecture, with lots of room and plenty of anemnities. Designing a public building in this region undoubtedly brings its own difficulties; it was therefore reassuring to see that the bathrooms are also to be used as tornado shelters. Usually when "tornado" and "bathroom" are used in the same sentence the word "shelter" does not come into play, but here it does.

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