The Growls And Howls Of Tarangire

September 16

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I can't speak for everyone, but I would like to presume that nobody slept all too well. In the morning, some few were complaining about a sore back from the primitive beds; most others were pointing out the growls that sounded thru the camp around 3am and to a lesser degree at other times. I think that everyone had this visual of a lion roaring at the entrance to their tent; Andy assured us that it was no lion but rather a sort of an antelope, without disclosing any details. In disbelief we enjoyed the breakfast - most of us did, anyway: somehow I got sick like a dog overnight, with a major sore throat and all the good things that come with it. Still, I would not miss the safari drive so I hopped into a Rover with Graham and Andy and headed out. The morning was incredibly overcast, the kind of sky that you can use instead of a grey card: ideal for sensor cleaning diagnostics, but less ideal for photography.

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We got to see the mandatory giraffes, elephants, zebras and king buffalos up close and personal just before lunch. Andy gave us a crash course on his panning technique, and we got a pretty good idea about Grahams political opinions. Just before lunch we had the opportunity to put our new panning skills to a test when a herd of zebras ran across the road right around us; let's say that I still have ways to go.
Lunch was excellent as always - a great soup followed by choices of meats and veggies. I opted for the beef chili, but then wondered if it was such a great idea, given that a bathroom is not an abundant commodity around here. Speaking of bathrooms: if you are out in the National Park, you aren't allowed out of the car, for everyone's safety. So if you really have to go, you "need to check the tire". Tire checking is typically kept to a minimum and can't be performed just about anywhere, given the wildlife.

After lunch, Andy was giving a presentation about the panning technique to the rest of the group. Since I have received a private tutorial already, I went to bed instead, trying to sleep off the bug. Meanwhile, baboons were roaming the camp and stealing things out of unzipped tents. After an extended nap I was pondering if I should join the afternoon expedition or stay in bed; I opted for the trip, this time with The Ladies. I should have stayed in bed since we didn't see all that much beyond a herd of elephants in the distance.

The evening routine went about the same way as yesterday: the Tower Of Power was erected, batteries were charged and images downloaded, and delicious beef consumed. Graham managed to overload the circuitry which resulted in all power being shut off and the staff scrambling to restore it. Ever since we were poking fun at poor Graham and would not let him anywhere near a power outlet.

After dinner we were all escorted to our respective tents because lions were sighted within 20 meters of the dining hall. Reassuring roaring was also heard from nearby. This was bound to be a fun, relaxing night!

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