7000 Miles in 3 Weeks

or: how to properly break in a car

The Summer 2001 Travelogue

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webobjects_box05152001.jpg (12824 bytes)Work. Work. Work. At Apple, we've been working hard on shipping a new product, which was admittedly a bit behind schedule, but who wants to think about that. The Gods put me also in charge of a second project which doesn't even get its own web page. Along came May, both products shipped, and our team gave a great track of presentations at the WWDC conference. What was left was a team of burnt out engineers.

But there was a bright side to things, too: Ordered on January 20, he was here on May 15 at noon. I saw him roll off the transporter and got the keys handed to me at 4 the same afternoon. My boss herself brought me to the dealership and came along for the first mile. I think she liked it so much that she put her name down for the same car coming just two months later.

Essan and I planned our trip well ahead; Yellowstone campground reservations were made and the route was discussed with natives of respective states. Finally, second week of June, with energy at a low point we packed the car full of camping equipment and at odometer standing of 1100 miles headed towards the East. This was not our first vacation together, nor our first camping trip, but three weeks in a tent and in different National Parks was a nice thing to be looking forward to. This is the short story of our 7000 miles spent in 10 states and provinces.

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The Extra Mile
The Kilo Foot
Fireside Chat
Can You Do That Again?
Walk in the Park
Ham and Eggs
When Gore-Tex Fails You
Remember Wall?
Grand Tetons
Old Not So Faithful
Christmas in June
Less Snow, More Tourists
Bed, Bath, and Beyond
Bummy Day
Because I Can
How I Got to Eat Fish
Bad Navigation
Portland, Baby!
Long Way Home

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