Honeymoon in Peru 2003

No honey, no moon, but tons of fun
(and insect bites!)

May 25 - June 6, 2003

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I think that we had our honeymoon planned before we had the wedding day set. Which, as so many things with me, probably doesn't surprise you. So we followed the advice of a co-worker and booked a trip to Peru with Lost World Adventures. We don't really like "organized travel", but then again when we want to go to the rainforest it felt like a good thing to be somewhat organized. Plus, word had it that this company would keep things on a really small scale, as in, group of two. We liked that.

I have been working on the Xcode team since September 2002, and the first months of 2003 have turned out to be some of the most hectic ones as far as I can remember - and the whole team felt very similarly. The team was working really hard on a very deep redesign of Apple's IDE. We had until the WWDC conference to create a pre-release of a new tool, and I didn't want to, or even could miss any of the action. Being myself, nobody on my side knew about the fact that we were getting married. I simply asked my VP when I should take a 2-week vacation, and he placed it firmly right after the WWDC conference, because as we all know, conferences are fixed points on the calendar, unlike normal software deadlines. Like with everything, there are complications. Unfortunately, this one moved, and I was asked to move my vacation. Fortunately, sensibility kicked in when I announced that it's my honeymoon. So off we were, leaving frantically working people behind. In a good way, let me tell you that I didn't miss them.

Fourteen days in the rainforest, at Machu Picchu, exploring many ancient Inca ruins, and flying over the famous Nasca lines was quite a treat. Should have gotten married earlier - my wife will definitely agree with this one =)

The story starts with a free trip to Lima, courtesy Delta Air Lines Frequent Flyer Miles, which unlike last year's flight to Zurich was rather uneventful. Ready, set, go! ---->

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