Arizona and New Mexico

Thanksgiving 2003

Desert for dessert

November 26-30, 2003

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The good news was an email from Steve Jobs saying that because we have been working so hard, the whole company would get the entire Thanksgiving week off, with pay of course. Uncle Larry didn't say quite the same to his Oracle folks, but Essan was all for a trip to the Arizona and New Mexico desert, away from the Thanksgiving madness. Of course she was mainly very clear about the fact that we would not be going to Crater Lake ... again, as we have done for the past four years. I guess it does take a certain obsession to do that =)

Even though I am not very proud of the photographic results from the trip, as I definitely didn't feel "in the zone" at all, maybe you will find one or the other observation or picture amusing enough.

November 26
November 27
November 28
November 29
November 30


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