Old not so Faithful

June 12, 2001

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120-2094.jpg (67860 bytes)121-2138.jpg (44068 bytes)When we got up in the morning there was very little to be seen of the Grand Tetons, as they were all nicely in the fog which descended upon them, quite as the weather forecast said. The drive to Yellowstone was however entertaining thanks to Rush Limbaugh, here on AM 590, about the only station you can get. I shall spare you with the details, except for my favorite line, which goes roughly like this: "Our country is the best second to none, in standard of living, even in crime levels". Later he called the Dutch and the Norwegians "yodeling cheese makers with fjords" but in comparison to the crime line, that was really nothing.

Yellowstone greeted us with cold, windy weather and an Old Faithful who erupted with a 20 minute delay. This way many more people than I have ever seen had the opportunity to watch this spectacle. But eventually he blew off some steam, and everybody was happy.

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122-2205.jpg (91390 bytes)122-2258.jpg (82996 bytes)The human being is an amazing herd animal. You pull over to clean your sunglasses and everyone thinks you saw a bear. You pull over and shoot a goose with the admittedly impressive looking 400mm lens, and everyone thinks you saw a bear. Strangely, you pull over to capture a beautiful male elk, innocently grazing in an open field, and you wonder where the buses of people are. And if someone pulls over I often get to hear, man to wife: "I want that lens for Christmas".

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121-2164.jpg (51546 bytes)121-2171.jpg (45140 bytes)Did I mention it was cold? So it came that we were pretty much alone at most of the bubbly places that Yellowstone has to offer, and we didn't really mind. It was easier to capture the scene without people getting into the picture all the time. When the day was over, which was quite a while before sunset because it simply got dark, we started a campfire, downloaded the pictures of the day, read the word of the day, and went to tent early, hoping to get up early for sunrise, weather permitting. Just as we went to tent, the sky started producing certain white little balls... Little did we know.

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