The Grand Tetons

June 11, 2001

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107-0742.jpg (102045 bytes)120-2054.jpg (78745 bytes)On this lovely Execution Day morning we left Cody, after taking a picture of the local drive-in liquor store of course. Which brings back memories of my speeding ticket from 1994 in Utah, where I paid $40 for 65 in 55, after the cop discounted to 65 from the actual 85; the back of the ticket -- the only check I ever bounced in my life -- read that a fine for carrying any sort of alcohol in the cabin would cost me $350. I guess different rules apply here.

I also called the Audi dealer in Bozeman, MT, to schedule the 5000 mile service for Pot; it was a welcome change to the Bay Area practices, as I could schedule the exact hour for the service, an hour of my choice nonetheless, with less than a week's warning. Unfathomable. 

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After debugging the windshield we headed to Yellowstone, the first and biggest Nat'l Park, and went straight through to the Grand Tetons. Last time I visited it was pouring rain, so today was a nice change to that. It was good to see the Tetons still at the same place, but this time with more grass in the plains than in the fall of 1998, and with quite some flowers blooming. The light was rather unfavorable, though, so most picture taking was postponed to tomorrow.

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