Life In The Wide Lane

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Throughout the duration of the trip I've been shooting a number of panoramics. Most of them were the typical "noodle shaped" variety that shows a wide angle around the horizon. However, some of them were truly two-dimensional captures with multiple rows and columns, to achieve a larger resolution for the final picture.

I didn't have enough time to process all of them, nor are many worth processing. Especially the 2D variety doesn't make much sense to be posted on the web, since they look just as good (or a bit worse) than normal, straight photos. On this page you can see a small selection of those that I put together. Each image title shows the size of the full resolution image; that may give you an idea of the possible final print quality.

All panos were stitched with Autopano Pro v1.3 Beta 6 on my MacPro. If you can get past the face of this application it's amazing how easy to use it is and what great results it produces without any manual intervention whatsoever. On my MacPro it's a joy to see an application use all four processors and to create beautiful results in seconds. Coming to version 1.3 is the manual control point editor which enables you to stitch even previously impossible shots. If you are looking for a fully automatic stitching app that makes the impossible possible, give this a serious try.

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