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I guess I forgot to mention that I had a HD video camera running at key parts of the roll-out. The problem is video editing - who has the time to edit three hours of a roll-out video into something that people would actually care to watch? I sure don't - I had to work pretty hard on the pictures already. So for now, here you have two movies that to a degree represent the action of the day.

Quicktime is required to watch these movies. You can download it for free from Apple, Mac and PC.

Lifting The MLP

This clip shows in a time lapse fashion how the crawler picks up the MLP with the shuttle atop. Even though the movie has already been made run as fast as iMovie would allow, it's not really fast enough to see directly. Also, the pitch control in iMovie isn't good enough to make up for the speed increase.

To truly see what's happening, download the movie and then quickly scroll thru it.

Leaving the VAB

This clip shows the crawler leaving the VAB. The speed and noise is pretty accurate, so that should give you an idea why we had ear plugs :)


If I ever have some time I'll add more clips here. Last modified: May 28, 2006

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