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We would like to thank the Peregrine staff and the Akademik Ioffe crew for their superb planning and execution of this trip. While Antarctica speaks for itself, it also made it very clear to us that it is very inhospitable for those not well prepared. We enjoyed the best possible comfort on board, excellent guides with great expertise, and excellent safety on all trips.

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Still here? I have some panorama pictures for you.

Ok, I have some panoramas for you. Click on the image below and you will be taken to a small web section with a few panoramas from the trip. Unfortunately, pretty much all panos were shot from a moving boat, handheld; so you can imagine what that does to horizon straightness and to the parallax...

All panos are 1200 pixels wide. Make sure your browser doesn't scale them down. If you want to see some pure images from this trip, in an easy click-by-click fashion, visit my portfolio gallery.

Reference: The Antarctic Treaty

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