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June 5, 2001

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107-0708.jpg (127977 bytes)107-0710.jpg (149044 bytes)The beauty of a 0-Degree (-17C) sleeping bag is best shown when it gets really cold. I guess tonight was not cold enough, as we both ended up sweating at night. The trip lead us today over some more kilo-foot tall passes to Winter Park. It was a relatively short drive through green valleys which we enjoyed with many stops. I am continuing to have problems with my D30 camera, which seems to be overexposing all the time, which is in part reason why there are so few pictures from today.

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114-1417.jpg (94180 bytes) We visited the premises of the No Name service area, and sighted a "rice" at a Safeway parking lot in Carbondale. It's refreshing to see that such sightings are not limited to the SF Bay area but are rather widespread even in remote Colorado villages.


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We set up camp in a small campground south of Winter Park, right by the river - this time even closer than last night. To quote Tom Hanks in "Cast Away" -- "Look, I made fire!" I applied my new mini axe to the firewood which I purchased in large quantities for the flat rate of $3 from the campground host who's originally from Texas and who's staying here for the whole summer. First I was shocked by the amount of firewood, but now that it's already quite chilly I am coming to liking the idea of being warm. If only the stupid wind would stop turning around so that there is no safe location away from the smoke.

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