The Extra Mile

June 3, 2001

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106-0653.jpg (99349 bytes)106-0658.jpg (127051 bytes)As punishment for forgetting things at home, and having to return for them, we didn't get far enough on the 1st leg of our journey, and so in this 2nd part we had to make up for it. The intention was to start from Durango, CO, on Monday, but on Sunday morning we were still in Fallon, NV. For those of you familiar with maps, this is quite far away from Durango.

After a quick stop at the local Safeway to get some baby breads and baby milk, together with other yummy things, we headed east, on highway US-50, the loneliest road in America. It wasn't quite as lonely as I recall it from my last trip, and not just from the company in the car, but also the traffic on the road.

106-0674.jpg (49556 bytes)106-0677.jpg (70508 bytes)We listened to the first tape of "The Time Machine" by H. G. Wells, which in many ways reminded us of what it was, a story from another century. We also exchanged stories: this way for instance I learned that one of my co-workers and friends told Essan that I was "a ham". I mean, nothing wrong with that, as I guess I am what I am, but "a ham"? Who's ever heard that expression? I sure didn't. My world would never be the same again. I was a ham, one of my favorite foods. Pictures of cannibalism came to mind... Weird things can happen on the road in the middle of nowhere, let me tell you.

106-0680.jpg (58657 bytes)In the evening we drove through Moab, the town which we visited last October (and got oh so nicely sick from food poisoning). Pot was still amazing us both with an average gas mileage of more than 28 mpg, a number which the "old Pot" would never have produced, despite his less horses. From Moab it was only two hours away to Cortez, CO, where we decided to stay, just shy of Durango. That night I counted three times being flashed by oncoming traffic, I guess they don't see Xenon headlights too often here.

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