November 30

Saguaro Cacti

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From Wilcox it was just a short trip to the Saguaro National Park, where we could enjoy the large numbers of very tall Saguaro cacti. We learned so much about them: they live 150-200 years, the first little nubbins and then arms appear around age 50, and during the first 15 years they grow one foot at best - which made Essan truly proud of her own 5+ feet. Still, next to one of these monsters she looked rather small, but then so did all of us.

Not much else can be said about the cacti - they are everywhere, and in large numbers. The hills are green with them, and when you walk through the desert you better watch where you step, as they come in all shapes and sizes. No wonder, as on this last day of November it was still very hot, warm enough to strip to a T-Shirt and to run the A/C in the car.

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From Tucson we had to head back to Phoenix to catch our flight home. The traffic was pretty miserable but still flowing, and we got to Phoenix just around sunset. We did the usual drive-by to scout for local cuisine, where I need to admit that Mexican cuisine was by default disqualified. We found that downtown Phoenix is just about as dead as L.A. at this time of week. We did notice however that the population of Phoenix is color blind, as it seemed the traffic lights were considered to be recommendations at best, despite - or maybe just because of - numerous signs asking people to please observe the traffic lights.

We dropped off the car at Hertz and checked in with Southwest. At about that time I noticed that I forgot my GPS antenna in the car, so I headed back to Hertz. Of course I was waiting on the wrong side of the terminal, so it was not very surprising that the Hertz bus never came until I ran to the other side. The bus driver called ahead and I was awaited by Miguel, the manager, who handed me the antenna and gave me a ride straight to the terminal in their Camry, which you can even rent - as an upgrade of course.

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