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This is a relatively old page and is no longer being updated. For new (and better) travel images with fun stories, click here.

Oregon Coast

These shots should show the weakness I have for the coast of Oregon. None of them is perfect; shot them on "the film that just happened to be in the camera", and didn't have the grid focusing screen yet (#2 shows why I now do).

Grand Canyon

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More pictures from the Grand Canyon


Morning Fog somewhere in Oregon. I was just driving by when I saw this breathing landscape. Until I found a safe spot to pull over and ran back with my camera, the fog was already partially gone; when I grabbed my 1N in the car and ran back to shoot a slide, too, the fog wasn't there anymore at all. I call the image Oxygen, since that was how it felt... T90, 20-35L, Agfa Ultra 50. August 1995
Morning Fog With Cows somewhere in Oregon. Another day was shyly beginning, and while the cows were already up and grazing the nature was still like in a dream. In order to avoid the same experience as with the picture above, I parked the car where I just happened to be, very much to the distress of the people passing by... 1N, 28-70L, Fujichrome Provia 100. August 1995
A waterfall at the Columbia River, Oregon. At the Columbia River you can see many of waterfalls like this one, and much more of really great scenery. 1N, 28-70L, Fujichrome Velvia. August 1995
At the bottom of the waterfall seen above. When you climb all the way up to the waterfall, at its bottom you will get (a) very wet and (b) an opportunity to use "one of the 20 photo tricks that ought to die." Personally, I like it, makes a good background screen... 1N, 28-70L, Fujichrome Velvia. August 1995
Crater Lake NP, OR. A view of the Crater Lake national park in Oregon. Note that the image was not processed - the color of the water is indeed that deep blue. T90, 20-35L, Kodak Elite 100. June 1994

Around the West

Dead Horse Point, UT. The Dead Horse Point NM in Utah, just before a big thunderstorm ended a wonderful day. Elite 100. May 1994
Dead Horse Point, UT. A different view of the scenery, some 30 minutes later, now in pouring rain. Kodak Elite 100. May 1994
At the border of Nebraska and Colorado. Coming from Nebraska to Colorado, the scenery quickly becomes more dynamic. This picture was taken just after a big rainstorm passed by. Kodak Elite 100. May 1994
At Mt St Helen's. When visiting Mt St Helen's, the destruction after the volcano's eruption is still visible. This picture shows the surprisingly clear divider between the destroyed and healthy trees. T90, 20-35L at 20mm, Kodak Elite 100. May 1994
Lake Yellowstone. The main of the Yellowstone lakes reflecting the sun in the early afternoon in May 94. 20-35L at 20mm on Elite 100, at f/16. May 1994
At the entrance to the Monument Valley. Coming from the uniform east, this is the first piece of rock that strikes the traveler before actually entering the Monument Valley. Elite 100. July 1994
Factory Butte mountain in Utah. T90, 75-200, Kodak Elite 100. May 1994 (lost the ticket, so can't say the date, but it was $40)

California and Nevada

Pampas - the tall grass at the Pacific Ocean in California. During fall you can see quite a lot of tall grass along the coast, but rarely directly on the cliff, probably due to high winds (where the grass is, the cliff goes down some 500 feet). This picture has been taken on a rather stormy, foggy afternoon, very common for this area actually. 1N, 70-200L at 3.2, Fuji SuperG100. October 1995.
Clear Lake, CA. This image shows the Clear Lake, CA as it caused some flood. Note the trees in the background which usually are on the shore, now some 50 feet into the lake. The whole picture is in real life razor sharp, just the PCD scan kinda went wrong (TIFFany Sharp filter used to compensate for that). T90, 20-35L, Kodak Ektar 25 at f22. March 1995
A tree around the Stanford Dish one later afternoon when the clouds just started rolling over the hills. 1N, 28-70L, Fuji Velvia. November 1995.
Trees At Tahoe, NV. Some trees as seen against the afternoon sun. T90, 20-35L, Agfa Optima 125. January 1995
Lake Tahoe, NV. The southern part of Lake Tahoe on a cloudy, cold and partially snowy day. The water level was at that time extremely low, so that the casino's yachts had at times problems approaching the harbor. T90, 20-35L, Agfa Optima 125. January 1995
Cheesy sunset at the Pacific Coast. What is more romantic than a wonderful sunset over the Pacific Ocean? T90, 75-200, Agfacolor 100. Valentine's Day 1993
A stream in the Californian mountains. This picture was taken on late afternoon during the rain season in California, which was in 1995 rather long. BTW: This shot cost me a pair of pants as I had to climb over a fence with barbed wire; unfortunately this destroyed my jeans even though I paid attention. T90, 20-35L, Kodak Ektar 25, 1 sec at f22. March 1995

Odds and Ends

Frozen waterfall near Ithaca, NY. It was some -30F... Just freakin' cold. No wonder the waterfall froze. Quite a nice yet sad scenery. T90, 35-70, Agfacolor 100. February 1993
Traces.jpg (82635 bytes) Sky after STS-59 launch. This picture was taken on Kodak Gold 400 with 20-35L at 20mm some 4 minutes after the launch of STS-59 (second attempt) on April 9, 1994, at 7:10am. It shows the perfectly clean sky only featuring the vapor clouds of the main shuttle engines. The shape can be explained by the different air speeds at different altitudes, and the spiral form can be explained by the fact that the shuttle's engines don't point straight down but slightly to one side; this makes the exhaust rotate and thus this form (only visible if there is no wind at all, otherwise it's gone quickly). 7:10am, April 9, 1994
Pad 39A at KSC at night. The launch pad 39A illuminated the night before the scheduled launch of the STS-59 mission. Kodak Gold 400, T90, Sigma 600mm mirror. 4am April 8, 1994
Pad 39A at KSC at sunrise. The same launch pad, just some 4 hours later. I still haven't slept - at that point I was awake for 30 hours non-stop incl. driving from Durham NC to Titusville FL. T90, 20-35L. 6:30am April 8, 1994


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